Multistore specialise in delivering custom, tailored made designs for commercial developments for any budget with our state of the art, in house manufacturing plant.  

Commercial Projects

Commercial property

Multistore will work to any design or provide the experience to fill any space. Whether this is during initial construction or ongoing fit-outs. Multistore are able to deliver bespoke solutions for storage, kitchens and bathrooms.

Hotel Projecct


Developing commercial accommodation requires meeting many different bespoke styles and aesthetics. Multi-Store are able to deliver a range of different styles and solutions within the same project.


Temporary Projects

Temporary / mobile structure

Multistore's Wardrobe Solutions are perfect for  low cost wardrobe, storage and cupboard spaces on a budget. Easy to assemble and made to order means a low cost answer to design and installation.

Residential Project

Residential / Community developmenT

Multistore understands the various storage and style requirements of developing residential commercial property. Whether it a suburban development or high density structures such as apartments, Multistore will meet any design aesthetics providing bespoke solutions to suit any demographic.